Our heroes in the fight against corona

By 4 mei 2020 blog

In the fight against corona, we deliver our splash masks to the care sector, Casper designed our design based on regular office supplies and a perforate on stand 888. The name Junior888 is derived from the design Brüssel888. Our latest addition is the JuniorClip, a clip adaptor to allow a better fit and more comfortable use of mouth masks.

You can read more details at https://junioriot.org/junior-iot-against-corona/

Our heroes in the fight against corona

Every contribution helps in the fight against corona. We are pleased that many people enthusiastically play different roles in this project. This can be a role as a creator, designer, sponsor or for example the media. But the most important are the users who engage in the real fight.


Per day we keep a record of how much we made and delivered until that date. You can see a summary here.

  • Faceshields Junior888
    • 8 april, 60 manufactured/ 55 delivered
    • 11 april, 250 manufactured/ 190 delivered
    • 15 april, 766 manufactured/510 ordered
    • 17 april, 1208 manufactured/ 844 ordered–> 1,000 made in the first week, and improved design V2.1
    • 20 april, 1671 manufactured/ 1018 ordered
    • 22 april, 2082 manufactured/ 1462 ordered–> 2,000 produced in 2 weeks!
    • 25 april 2618 manufactured/ 1819 ordered
    • 28 april 3229 manufactured/ 2088 ordered–> 3,000 produced in 3 weeks!
    • 30 april, 3538 manufactured/ 2307 ordered
    • 1 may, 3693 manufactured/2542 ordered
    • 2 may, 3751 manufactured/ 2948 ordered-
  • Clip Connector  JuniorClip
    • 13 april, 2 test models delivered
    • 24 april, 62 manufactured/ 22 delivered
    • 28 april 820 manufactured/ 252 ordered
    • 30 april, 946 manufactured/ 734 ordered
    • 1 may,  1346 manufactured/ 883 ordered
    • 2 may, 1581 manufactured/ 1213 ordered

Makers and designers

We would like to give special recognition to our designers and makers: Casper, Joost, Tijl, Roel, Tom, André, Francien, fablab de Kaasfabriek, Johan B, Dennis / BIM Creators, Menno van D, Gerald den E, Dylan, Marloes with the printers of Curio, Sanneke and the entire library, Wim R, Dik van Go4Tech, Diewe®t, Ivo K. Marco is also good at chatting and drinking coffee.


Without the sponsors, the project would never have gone beyond the first 100 pieces. In the meantime, the project is growing with your help in the first 3 weeks, we have already manufactured the 3.000 pieces.

To all sponsors and donors, you make the difference in this battle. Thank you all very much!

  • Copycentre Alkmaar –> transparent sheets
  • ICT Leskisten –> 5 filament rolls Octofiber
  • MCPP Netherlands –> 60 kg filament rolls 
  • GBC, Acco Brands –> A4 transparent sheets

Customers and satisfied users

The reason why we do it: provide users extra protection. On behalf of all the creators and sponsors, we would like to thank you very much for the good work!

  • Care organizations: 11 organizations
  • Dentists and practices: 72 locations
  • Residential groups, home care, and informal care: 20 locations
  • General practitioner, physiotherapy, pedicure, hairdressers, miscellaneous: 41 locations

These are a few examples of the professions that use the splash masks a lot. However, we don’t make a selection, everyone is welcome to request the splash masks!

On Facebook, Linked-in and other media use the reference to @Junior IOT or @Stichting Junior IOT and use the tag #juniorIOT to easily find each other! We will add to the overview on a regular basis. Thanks again to everyone!