Bas was tinkering with two camera mounting brackets, and made a super cool robot arm out of this. In this lab we’ll show you how to do it yourself!

Robot parts

The STL of the ring is in this zip:


  • 1x Arduino Nano 328 (or 168)
  • 1x mini breadboard
  • jumper pins
  • Build

Sometimes you can figure something out for yourself, but often it’s better to search the internet. The instruction used by Bas can be found here: … …only you stop before the ultrasonic sensor is mounted… and don’t forget to mount the ring in it.

For the brain Bas used an easing servo library. The example code of Bas can be found here:

And this is the result:


Now the challenge is to:

  • Customize the robot to operate with buttons or with a joystick.
  • Dress up the robot with a puppet sock and add sounds?