In March 2019:

*** Breaking News ***

Feedback at the world-wide event The Things Conference 2019 in Amsterdam inspired us to go global!

What does this mean? Our first global aspiration is to make our educational programs available internationally for home and school use. Next, we’d like to see more experience centers like ours around the world.

One of our team members has dedicated herself to these goals. We are confident your experience as tech educator and community pioneer will boost this initiative – thanks Paola Rodriques!


Update February 2020:

After meeting all our international friends again at ‘The Things Conference 2020’ we believe to be more ready than ever.


Actual status: (January 2021) Our international Junior IOT websites .org and .it are ready for international content. As-it-happens we can add volunteers to have our Dutch content, labs and lessons translated and added to these international websites.


Junior IOT International – Guidelines

February 2020

These guidelines will help you to understand how to implementing Junior IOT programs in your city, school or community.

I really like Junior IOT. Can I implement Junior IOT workshops in my city?

Yes, we are putting our best efforts to spread our programs all around different locations.

Implementing Junior IOT in a new location can be done in 3 ways:

  • Your location can be called a Junior IOT associate, if you run one or more Junior IOT workshops a few times,
  • Your location can now be called a Junior IOT partner location. If you are willing to run a FREE ACCESSIBLE Junior IOT Lab or run at least one Junior IOT workshops consistently,
  • As an independent professional, teacher or workshop giver you can use the Junior IOT materials in your class or workshop, and you can call yourself a Junior IOT coach.

Each of these ‘titles’ needs to be earned. You need to follow specific guidelines, most of which are covered in this document. Further, before you declare yourself as part of the program, we’ll interview you and list you as a partner.

Do I need to give free workshops?

Junior IOT partner locations must run Junior IOT workshops regularly – minimum frequency 2x monthly in an open and free format, following the example of Junior IOT Alkmaar. It is recommended to offer the workshops during attractive public hours, for example during the weekends.

Which are the participants to attend Junior IOT programs?

Junior IOT Lab participants ages are up to 17 years old.

Parents are allowed to be present with their children, which is advised for any child who cannot work independently in a group setting. We aim to be technology coaches, not classroom teachers. The age where parents are needed is different for each child. In general, parents’ attendance is required for kids up to 8 years old, sometimes it is desired up to 12 years old.

Can I charge money for Junior IOT programs or workshops?

You may charge for private workshops that you give, but not for Junior IOT materials. Junior IOT partner locations should offer a frequent, FREE of charge and accessible space for juniors as their main program.

To be able to create the collaborative atmosphere in your workspace, we recommend all participants that access to the Free workshop needs to be paid for in the form of teaching others what you have learned.

I want to be recognized as a Junior IOT partner location, what should I do?

As a partner location, at least half of the workshops, challenges, events associated with the Junior IOT materials need to be for juniors. This means for ages 7 to 17 years, or a subset of this. You provide a safe environment for technology exploration. Junior safety is a primary concern for Junior IOT, therefore, all helpers within partner locations must have background checks according to local rules, all work areas are open, visible, transparent. Your safety mindset is closely related to that of CoderDojo.

You will be regularly assisted and supported by our team from Alkmaar and also receive updates on our programs and workshops, as well as the opportunity to help improve these by sending us feedback.

Do I get funded as a Junior IOT partner location?

One thing first: You need to find your own funding. We strongly encourage partner locations to look for partnerships with local authorities, public and private institutions to get funded. We have examples available for you, and we can help you walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. Remember, being able to build on a strong foundation you will be able to tell the compelling story to find the right local partners.

As a non-profit institution Junior IOT’s main hub in Alkmaar is -by design- greatly underfunded and for that reason understaffed. Our time is put in for free, or sometimes at a volunteer fee. You may experience the same.

Am I allowed to adapt or distribute Junior IOT learning materials?

To make good materials for you, we need your help improving what we have. At the same time, we are guarding the edits to the information so it remains within the desired context, including the desired educational background information. For this reason, the Alkmaar hub remains the main hub in creating the materials.

This means that you distribute any materials through us, which we can publish onto the website under our common logo/trademark. Any alteration of materials is not allowed, or should previously be agreed between the parties.

Teaching materials prepared by Junior IOT shall always be carrying the Junior IOT logo and trademark. Please contact us [email protected] about required changes, so everyone can benefit from it.

Can I charge participants for Junior IOT teaching materials?

The published Junior IOT materials are completely free of charge, for all individuals. Teaching materials available at Junior IOT website (text, website, pictures) may be used free of charge for workshops or any non-commercial teaching purposes.

However, it is not allowed to generate any kind of profit from the materials, sell them or license them in any way.

You can charge for private workshops that you give, but not for Junior IOT teaching materials, and you’ll help in the creation and upkeep by providing us with a license fee. We’d like to explain why this is important to us. If you still find reasons to use a commercial approach, please refer to the main hub in Alkmaar. All content produced by, or for Junior IOT is under the appropriate copyright legal rights.

Can I make my own logo, banners?

Yes please, but be aware: As we grow, we rotate our logos. It is best to get your logo from the main hub, or use the current design guideline.

You may want to create banners and display materials for your location or events. We will have logos, font- and color definitions available for you to create your personalized banners. Please share your design with us, so we can proudly share these with the world.

Can I hire Junior IOT Alkmaar personnel to get training or workshops sessions in my local community? Can people hire my personnel for a fee?

Yes, it is possible to have Junior IOT Alkmaar personnel as a teacher or workshop giver in your location. We do appreciate combining this with a teach-the-teacher setting, so in the same sitting you’ll learn to teach the workshops yourself. There is an hourly fee involved in hiring our personnel.

For schools, events and any other goals, hiring personnel from Junior IOT Alkmaar includes a 15-20% materials fee back to the foundation. This helps to keep the content, materials and equipment in shape in our main hub.

We strongly recommend you to follow the same guidelines in your location. This fee is intended to primarily make the programs better accessible to the community.

Funded not-for-profit locations to help the main hub.

If your location is run by paid personnel (more than a volunteer fee), and/or your equipment is funded, we as the main hub would appreciate receiving a 5% materials fee (a percentage over personnel cost) for your activities related to Junior IOT. This to allow us to keep improving Junior IOT for you and other locations.

Can we help fund Junior IOT?

Yes, please. We strive to remain a learning organization forever. As we grow, we will need to allocate more time into our not-for-profit organization. We will want to travel to hew and forming hubs, we will want to attract specific services, grow and experiment as we go. We dearly need your time, your skills, and materials to grow. And yes, we also need money.

What if I no longer want to be with Junior IOT?

At any time, for any reason you can stop your association with Junior IOT. Just tell us why – maybe you no longer want to provide for the regularly scheduled freely accessible workshop, or your public gets distracted for a while. What to do?

We suggest first to go into hibernation mode: stop using the materials, logos and branding. Once all is cooled down, and you are sure to stop, just have yourself unlisted and return the materials. Any teaching materials (texts and such) remain with Junior IOT.

Next steps…

Junior IOT Team will be pleased to guide you through the process of building your local Junior IOT hub. Please contact us under [email protected] for further support.